What my clients have to say

“I went into HypnoBirthing slightly sceptical but keen to add to my toolbox of strategies for labour. In the end my experience with Suzie added so much more to our journey than just a smooth and amazing birth.

HypnoBirthing helped me relax into and enjoy my pregnancy, anticipate my birth and feel much more confident with our son afterwards. If I hadn’t had the time on the course and embraced the HypnoBirthing ethos, I feel that our experience could have been very different.

We feel so lucky to have been able to connect with Suzie. She gave us a method that, despite its name, really champions common sense. It allows you to get in touch with your body and your baby. It isn’t only a mindset but a set of practical tips and is an approach suitable for all parents to be. I can’t recommend it enough…”

Fiona, first-time mum

”I’m so glad we were able to learn HypnoBirthing with Suzie at Labour with Love! Suzie made us feel at ease throughout and nothing was too much trouble for her, even providing extra info and tips when my birth took a slightly different route than planned. I really believe that without Suzie and HypnoBirthing, we would have had a very different experience and we’ll forever be grateful to her for helping our baby’s birth to be such a beautiful experience”

Sara, first-time mum

“I can’t recommend Labour With Love enough. Suzie helped us prepare and turned much of our anxiety about birth into excitement. There were a few complications during my daughter’s birth but HypnoBirthing prevented panic and really gave us the confidence to calmly make decisions that were best for us, drastically improving our birth experience.

This wasn’t the only class we took to prepare for our child’s birth, but it was the most useful as I felt like I knew how to support my wife and navigate any decisions that came our way. Even now, 6 months after our daughter’s birth, I am using the relaxation techniques to calm myself and our baby when things get a little stressful!”

Steve, first-time dad

Labour with Love

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