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I’m Suzie, mum of three and HypnoBirthing insructor based in Bristol.

I believe that giving birth is like anything else in life – you can’t account for every eventuality, but you can stack the odds in your favour with the right preparation. My classes provide just that: a readymade toolkit to give you the optimum conditions for birth, and the techniques you need to stay calm and in control, even if circumstances change.

My classes use the Mongan Method, which was established over three decades ago and is recognised internationally.

What is HypnoBirthing?

Our bodies are amazing things, they are perfectly designed to birth babies, but birth is like sleep(!) – it comes most easily when you feel calm, relaxed and safe. That’s no easy feat when you are surrounded by other women’s horror stories. HypnoBirthing classes teach you how to take the stress and ‘fear of the unknown’ out of pregnancy and birth and give you practical strategies to stay relaxed and allow your body to do what it does best.

The HypnoBirthing® course teaches you the following, over five sessions:

  • Simple relaxation exercises to practice in the run up to your birth.
  • Breathing techniques to work with your body.
  • Evidence-based strategies to prepare you for a trauma-free birth, whatever turn your birthing takes.
  • How to trust in your body – by looking at all the amazing ways it is designed to give birth comfortably, safely and easily.
  • Tips for the early days, based on the latest research around early bonding and the ‘fourth trimester’
  • How to look forward to your birth!
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How does HypnoBirthing work?

Your body reacts to your thoughts and expectations – we blush when we think of something embarrassing; we produce tears when we think of something sad and our palms sweat when we are nervous. HypnoBirthing helps you to build a positive expectation of birth, so that you can use the mind-body connection to your advantage, rather than it working against you.

Birth can be scary when you don’t know what to expect, but it works best when you are calm. Fear triggers our ‘fight or flight’ response, which intereferes with our birthing hormones and natural pain relief. It prepares our body to flee from sabre-tooth tigers, or fight polar bears. The ‘fight or flight’ response takes oxygen from the rest of your body and directs it to the muscles that will help you run. As you don’t need your uterus to escape a sabre-tooth tiger, this is bad news for birthing!

The approach works whether your birth goes to plan or not. Whatever path your birthing takes, staying calm and in control drastically improves your experience and reduces the need for additional interventions and medication. But it also significantly increases the chances that things will play out as nature intended. When you are able to relax and trust your body, your birthing muscles and hormones work together to keep you focused, reduce pain and strengthen the bond with your baby after birth.

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Labour with Love

HypnoBirthing® classes in North Bristol.

email: labourwithlovehypnobirthing@gmail.com, tel: 07761 904 622

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